8 Ways to Test a Website that belongs to your Business

8 Ways to Test a Website that belongs to your Business

Your website is your businesses showroom. You may or may not have a showroom in your physical business place, but is important for users on the Internet to be able to see this showroom/showcase for an experience that feels real. You need to attract customers and have them return to the site.
So there are questions you need to ask yourself for the purpose of  testing:

1- Where do you look first?

You have only a few seconds to grab the attention of your viewers. You need to make sure that they see what is important in those few seconds.

2- Can you explain what your site is about?

In a few seconds you need to be able to explain what your site is about and for this you need to be clear and demanding.

3- Is the most important information in the foreground?

Sales offers specific to your business, visitor sign up forms must be at the head of the page.

4- Are the benefits of your business stressed on, have they been brought to the foreground?

Your visitors need to know what your business ‘does for them’ before anything else. You must state the benefits on the first page in a clear manner. 

5- Is there an open invitation for action?

If they like what they see, the customers would want to know what is to be done next. This can be in the form of “buy now”, “free trial”  or free, downloadable applications.

6- Is the writing format and color theme discomforting?

Confusing colors, fast animations, messy writing fonts can make customers uncomfortable. And an uncomfortable customer is a customer who will leave.

7- Can you feel a personal connection to the site?

Customers want to buy from people and not from machines. So you need to communicate with them in an honest, direct and warm manner. 

8- Are there links to Social Media?

Most people want to some research before buying anything. So if you supply links to social media they will be able to get feedback on a certain item or even get recommendations or advice from other customers.
In short: Your website is an integral part of your business. It is gaining in importance every day. Instead of going for cheap and easy solutions, get professional help in the matter and present your business in a way that suits its caliber. If you already have a website, you should find the areas which you need to work and plan on how to improve your website.
You don’t need to do everything all at once. Either work professionally or work with professionals. If you need any advice or consultation on the matter we are always happy to help.