Advantages of Infrared Data transmission

Advantages of Infrared Data transmission

Infrared data transmission is low in consuming power, and thus are ideally suited for mobile devices, especially laptops.

There are low circuitry costs for telephones, digital equipment like digital assistants, laptops. It is estimated that for the entire coding, decoding, circuitry the cost will be in range of 2 US dollars, while its simple circuitry system does not require any special permissions for using, as they are not governed by any kind of proprietary laws.

The hardware required is also minimal and can easily be included in the integrated circuits of the product. As the transmission direction is concentrated it helps the security of data being transmitted. More importantly, the data doesn’t get spill over to other devices or systems, through leakage, and thus is considered secure. Another advantage of the IrDA data transmission is in the fact that it is portable.

The best advantage of this kind of data transmission lies in the fact that it can undertake transferring of huge files from one device to another with IrDA connectivity. But when compared with the rate of transmission of Bluetooth is far greater, as IrDA transfers huge data at a slower rate. Unlike in Bluetooth transmission, you have to point each time to the device to which you would like to transfer data.

The advantages of using IrDA is be limited to short range transmissions; even as its interfaces can be used on palmtops and other mobile devices as well.

IrDA can create standards and set strategies for mobile computing. It can establish contacts with other industry members, to work for a common strategy, and consist of international members to evaluate and strategize the present protocol standards.