Advice for people who want to have a career in Web Design

Advice for people who want to have a career in Web Design

Programs today are very progressed, you can now add many effects using Flash all by yourself., ActionScript 3.0 has become a programming language on its own, you can make 3D projects in Photoshop, tableaus are extinct and there is nothing you can’t do with CSS. Fireworks site creation components have become more varied, ADSL is reaching amazing speeds and old fears like will a web site load or not is become thoughts of the past.

Everything has developed; programs, sites, outlooks, imagination… but unfortunately web design is still being implemented in a wrong way by some people. I have studied many sites and can say that there are many that are behind.

You need to set your foundations firmly if you don’t want to end up like one of these designers. You need to want more without giving up.

So you’re a web designer, what do you need to do? First of al if you have any talent when it comes to the visual arts, you are already ahead. But wanting it is as important as having talent. If you are only in it for the money, I can assure you there are many other more profitable jobs out there. 

Web design differs from graphic design in every way. People who are in the publishing business are usually hard pressed here just as designers trying to publish will find it hard. If you work with 3 colors (RGB), 4 colors (CMYK). Dreamweaver, Frontpage, CSS, Flash, Photoshop and Fireworks are all programs used and you should know your way around them. When it comes to graphic design you will need to know Freehand (still being used even if it has been replaced by inDesign), InDesign, Illustrator, Corel, Photoshop, QuarkExpress among others. 

Knowing is only a part of the process, knowing the program doesnt mean you will be making excellent designs. Design depends on some ones point of view, just like if two painters painted the same landscape, the two paintings would be different (angle, perspective, colors, shadows…) and this applies to design also.
You should never forget that everything can be learned in time and if there is will. The logic to all programs and working methods is different and needs these two elements; time and money, to be present when trying to learn them.

The world has entered an age called the web 2.0. this is the second version of the Internet and makes for a much sleeker design, where everything runs smoother and faster. Old concepts are thrown out and clutter is frowned upon in this new way of doing things. Fewer plug-ins, less clutter is the key here.

Being a web designer doesnt mean making a design and leaving it like that, the designer needs to design a site according to the language and program that is to be used HTML, Flash or what have you. Everything needs to be set up just right for faults and errors not to take place in the future. Everything needs to be placed right, designed right, sliced right and transferred correctly. This is the definition of web design.

What comes after design? Ok, let’s say we transferred everything what next? Next is programming. Web programmers then get your design and process it. They don’t need to know anything about design, their job is to process design and don’t need to know anything about it. Besides, knowing and understanding PHP, SQL, ASP< Microsoft .NET, XML, XSD, XSLT and Ajax don’t give them much time to do so.

Getting your design to look as it does in Photoshop is the last step in this process. It could look good on Firefox, but messy on Chrome. If the links are passive you need to look over your site one more time. It is best to test your site on all major browsers; Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

To summarize, if you want to be a web designer, there are many obstructions. But if you have the will power to plow through these you will have the chance to be one of the best.