Areas where digital photography has had a positive impact

Areas where digital photography has had a positive impact

You might not have thought about it deeply but digital photography has revolutionized our lives for the better in a number of ways.

It is not just in the ease of taking photographs but there are many other ways that life have been positively impacted by digital photography. Some of these areas include:

Sports and news reporting

In the past before the advent of digital photography journalists were forced to send their films for production if they wanted their photos included in the following day’s newspaper. This meant that if any kind of delay occurred the photo would not be included in the next day’s news.

After the introduction of digital photography, this trend has died a natural death. There are no more use of film cameras that required chemical processing. Photographers are now using digital cameras that process photographs electronically. The worry of no submitting a news report photos is no more because by the use of computers, photos can be processed in a matter of minutes and be submitted via email before the deadline.

Medical industry

It is easy for doctors to share digitally medical x-rays and scans with other medical experts in different parts of the country or the world. This makes it possible for doctors to offer better services to their patients because they are able to consult from their counterparts all over the world without much delay.

On the other hand these medical photos are easily stored electronically in a computer hard disk that uses little space, unlike in the past where they were stored in dusty basements and sometime getting them back for reference was a big problem.

Social Media

Social life have also been enhanced a great deal with the introduction of digital photography. In the past people used to share their photos by sending them through mails. This was a long and costly method and on the other hand you were never sure the photo will reach the other end in good condition.

Through digital photography photos are sent across the world within a span of seconds through social media and e-mails.