Becoming popular on Facebook

Becoming popular on Facebook

Social networks are very popular these days because Internet connectivity has reached many parts of the world, even in rural areas. People use Facebook for a number of reasons according to their needs. There are those who use Facebook as a marketing platform, other use it as a way of communicating with their friends and relatives and politicians to sell their manifesto to their electorate easily on social media.  

For those in business and politicians having many followers will work to their advantage. The more your audiences grow the higher your chances of conversion go up. This high following on Facebook will result in higher traffic to your site and therefore higher chances of making sales. This is how to attract a massive following on Facebook:

If you have other online presence, link your Facebook page. Linking your Facebook page to blog, websites, and online forums will easily bring you many visitors.

Adding pictures is another very productive way of increasing your friend count on Facebook. Good photos will attract many views because naturally visual elements draw attention more than just plain text. People love entertainment and videos too will work wonders, but remember to post quality videos that will not insult people.

Be creative enough and post unique and fascinating content.  Be regular on Facebook and do not forget to personally thank your visitors for visiting and posting comments on your Facebook page.  

Join or if you have enough followers you could start a group. Groups on Facebook offers an opportunity to learn new things and they also attract more people who have similar interests. Set discussion topics and ask questions, try to offer your best informed opinion and this will result in a big following in your main Facebook page and also in you other websites or blogs that you have.

Do not post irrelevant content or allow people to post rude comments on your Facebook because this will become irritating to your friends and they will defriend you because nobody likes to be associated with a rude person.