Connecting 2 computers using a crossover cable

Connecting 2 computers using a crossover cable

In the current technological era people want to connect to each other anytime, this involves network and data communication. Due to the Internet and Wi-Fi, data transfer and communication between two people has become much easier than before.

Problems can occur when you are using a laptop in an office without a network of any sort and need to continually transfer data to another computer.

It is not difficult for people who know about the computer networking and data communication and here we provide information on how to achieve this. This article will help people to connect the both computers to each other without purchasing a switch or router. You simply have to utilize a line topology to interconnect both systems. To connect the computer you require a 2 meter Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable, 2 RJ 45 connecters and a network cable 'crimper' which is basically a punch tool.

Normally when you are on a Workgroup network that has a star topology you just need to make a patch cable. In a patch cable, you have same the color coding on the both sides of the connector. However, we have to use crossover cables to connect the two computers or to each other because we won't be using networking devices such as hubs, routers or switches therefore we have to make different color coding configuration to make it work.

Let us discuss the procedure of making a crossover cable as well as its standard color coding arrangement:

There are two sides of the cable. One end of the cable uses this wires with this color code configuration: Half Green, Green, Half-Orange, Blue, Half-Blue, Orange, Half-Brown, Brown.

The opposite end of the cable would use the following wire color configuration: Half-orange, Orange, Half-Green, Blue, Half-Blue, Green, Half-Brown, Brown. Once the wires have been placed into their respective slots they can be punched into place using a network crimper.
After making the cable, connect both computers to each other using the crossover cable and configure the IP addresses of each computer to on one machine and in the other machine. Sharing files, folders as well as communication is made much easier using this simple line topology.