E-Mailing Lists and Creating E-Mail Lists

E-Mailing Lists and Creating E-Mail Lists


It is very important that you compile personal information and e-mail lists of your customers. Of course if this has been done using the proper method and adhering to the rules. All of us receive hundreds of emails everyday from companies and people selling something. Most of these get sent to the bin before we read them. Let’s try to empathize, would you like to open an email sent by someone or a company that you don’t know? How long would you keep opening the newsletters of a site or group you have become a member of? Even if it is wanted mail, research shows that email that is routine and isn’t innovative and ever changing doesn’t evoke curiosity and is sent to the Trash. 

So, how will e-mail marketing, one of the most important methods of online marketing get you into contact with your target group in a healthy productive way? 

Compose E-mail lists that will support your Marketing Activities!

Most new companies buy e-mail lists off other companies, so how do they know that these people are interested in their products? They don’t, and more often that not these people aren’t interested. Instead of buying lists, try to compose your own with people that will follow and support you… all of this for the low cost of nothing!
Buying an email list means sending emails to people who receive hundreds everyday and just being an extra box to check when they are going to send these spam mails to the trash.

How is a Person E-mail and E-mail list composed?

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to have a website. This doesn’t need to be a sophisticated website it just needs to have documents which people will be interested in.

The next step is to have an “auto-responder” program set up for your website. This will be set up in a way that will improve communications between you and your customers. People who want information on the product that you are marketing or promoting will prompt a reply from this auto-responder and these people are your target group.

The most important factor of e-mail marketing is hidden within the emails that you send to the email addresses that are in your list. If you can use this median as a way of marketing your product in a way different from all the rest, your target group will always be excited by seeing mail from you and you will have a reliable and supportive e-mail list.

You need to be patient. You can’t expect to compose a mailing list over night. You will have also composed a working model when you slowly, step by step compose a mailing list. This will give a working model that is shaped for the long term.

I will like to share a little tip that I find to be very important. When you are setting up the auto-responder system, you need to make sure that there is a dual verification mechanism in the system. Dual verification is an activation code for the people who visit your site and want ask for information via email. With this activation code you will be able to verify the authenticity of email addresses and could keep your sent mails from being sent to the “Spam” box.

After all this information I have given I would still like to warn those who want to buy e-mail lists. Is it worth spending all this money for something that will have you seen as “spam” mail from the get go? You shouldn’t become a member of this system that will, in the long run, block you form reaching potential customers! Compose your own person e-mails and have an image that you can uphold in the long run.