Google Glass

Google Glass

Google has introduced the technology, by which you can see the world in your eyes. Let us elaborate it further to know about the exact work of this technology. This glass is specially design for those people who visit different countries and different places daily for their work. Let us go through the entire feature so this Glass to know about the good deeds of it.

When you will wear this glass, it will set the time and location where you are and show you the entire message regarding the place in that glass. These glasses contain a camera by which it becomes able to capture all the movements. The amazing feature is that you just need to say take a picture and suddenly it will take the picture whatever will be in front of you.

Google Glass can record whatever is in front of you. To record you just need to say “capture the movement” and Google glass will start recording. After recording, that movement eventually you can send it to any one or even share it on any social media network. All these features work by just speaking. You do not need to touch or operate anything else just command and Google glass will perform.

When you are walking or driving this Google glass will show you roads of that area automatically therefore, you can reach to your destination early. For sending any message to anyone, you just need to speak “send message”. If you are standing along with any historical place or building then Google glass will show you the history of that building and information about it. If another person who is standing, in front of you he or she does not know your language then Google glass will translate the language and show you in the Glass. It will answer you about anything according to the place and environment automatically.  It has strong structure therefore; it will not break down early.


Evolutionary design and different colors available and Google have launched it officially for everyone and it is one of the best technologies of the year. It has soft base and will not leave spots on the nose.