Google Offers Free New Course for Android Developers

Google Offers Free New Course for Android Developers

Google’s Android is the most widely used smart device platform.

This also means it has the largest number of apps developed for it.

The search giant has launched an online program to train developers in app design.

The course has been named “Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals” and it contains many resources including code files and videos.

The course is available for free, but the advanced level costs $150 a month. The premium level comes with valuable feedback from Google and an official certificate. In fact, there are only limited numbers of paid seats for the course.

The course focuses on Android design principles so that developers could create better apps. It is recommended for people with past experience in mobile app development, especially in Java. The course requires downloading the Android Studio and check all the sample content and code.

This course is part of Google’s endeavor offering more resources to the growing developer community. The resources include everything from documentation to videos from their Android site. The search giant has also revealed Material Design that could help create a more sleek and cohesive look to their successful mobile platform and its apps.

The course brings together theory and hands-on practice enabling developers create better apps. It allows you to build apps with the support of instructors, using the best practices in mobile app development. It is a step-by-step training guide for helping build Android apps.

The course is offered over the site, and the free elements include forums, quizzes and videos. You can join the Udacity program and receive regular guidance and feedback from Google coaches.

Google has an unlimited pool of developer support, something the other mobile OS platforms are not lucky enough to yet have. Google launched this program keeping in mind that Android has come to become a compelling choice and is appearing in new form factors.

The search giant also offers another unique course, in the same free and paid form, for mobile UX design.