How the Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor packaging system works

How the Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor packaging system works

With ever changing technology and new versions of mobile phones being released daily, Apple Corporation has just released a new version of the iPhone. The iPhone 5S is the newest addition to the iPhone series. It is not only faster than previous iPhone versions but also has a fingerprint system called Touch ID, with a sensor named Touch ID that will essentially enable you to lock and unlock your gadget by simply placing a thumb or a finger on the home button.

In addition, the fingerprint system only works with a live finger. Thus, with the iPhone 5S, you will not have to struggle remembering your password since your fingerprint is all you will need to unlock your phone.

How the fingerprint sensor packaging system works:

To get the fingerprint sensor working, you will first need to set it up. This is done by simply tapping your finger on the home button to get it to recognize your fingerprint. You will however need to use the Touch ID regularly so that it gets better at recognizing your fingerprint. You do not have to worry about pressing the Touch ID button too hard as this will not spoil the sensor because it is made from sapphire crystal that protects the finger print sensor beneath it.

The touch ID button functions as a lens to enable the finger sensor to focus on your finger. The steel ring that surrounds the Touch ID button then notifies the Touch ID to begin reading your fingerprint.

After reading your finger print, the fingerprint sensor will capture a high resolution picture of your finger print.

The fingerprint sensor will then examine the image of your finger print and then classify it from left to right as an arch, a loop or a whorl.

Upon classification of your print, Touch ID then maps the features in your finger’s ridges. Your fingerprint will then be encrypted using the phone’s A7 chip and can only be accessed by Touch ID. The iPhone will neither store your print on any Apple server nor back it up on iCloud.