How to configure Microsoft Outlook with a Gmail account

How to configure Microsoft Outlook with a Gmail account

Many folks do not like to open their Gmail account separately in the browser due to their busy schedule. Therefore, they prefer to use Microsoft Outlook for emailing. However, some people do not know that how they can configure their Gmail account in Outlook.  Sometimes it happens, when you join any new company. They provide their own domain email account and that email account already configured on Microsoft Outlook. Here irritation can occur, all the official email arrives to you via Outlook but for your personal Email, you need to officially login into the Gmail account to see the emails. However, it is the best solution to configure your Gmail account on Outlook.

This article will help those people who want to configure Gmail or even other Email accounts in Outlook. Just follow these steps to configure your multiple accounts on Microsoft Outlook:

1. First open Microsoft Outlook, then move to the “Tool” Tab and click on the “account setting” option

2. A window will appear in front of you and there were already an official account configured. In that window, you need to click on “New” option.  When you will click on that opinion, another window will appear for adding the new account.    

3. In that, Windows by default “Microsoft exchange, pop3, IMAP, HTTP” option selected. Click on “next”, in the next window you have to check on the blow option to configure the account manually.  Then click on next and in the next window by default “internet e-mail” selected. Then click on next.

4. In this window, you need to put all your necessary information along with the email address and password.

5. Then click on next, your accounts configured perfectly.

This is the simple process of adding the different email account on Microsoft account look. By the same procedure, you can add more account on Outlook except Yahoo! Because for configuring the yahoo email address. You need to purchase an email protocol therefore, if you can purchase then configure it as well.