How to create a Google Blogspot Blog and give it a theme

How to create a Google Blogspot Blog and give it a theme

Google is the world's most famous and reliable search engine. The majority of the people are only using Google to find any information and any product. Google provide the best solution to the problems with their valuable search engine.


People want to create their own websites but they do not have sources or finance to purchase a domain and setup a website to introduce their work and general information among the people of the world. Therefore, Google provides the platform for those people to share their knowledge and creativity among the people by Google Blogspot.

It is very easy to create a Google Blogspot blog even Google provides some built in themes to people to make your blog good looking. Follow the following steps to create the own Google blogspot:

1. First create the Gmail account and search on Google search Engine “Google blogger”.

2. When you find the link of the blogger then just sign in.

3. Google will provide you the option to create “New blog” then click on this link and create a new blog. Choose any name according to the nature of work, which you want to share with people.

4. Along with Title Name of the blog, below some blog themes prompt select any particular themes to set up your blog.

5. Having created the blog makes new pages of the blog by using the option of “pages” from the left panel of the blog settings.

6. If you want to change the layout of the blog then you can use “Layout” option to rearrange the setting blogs options.

7. Further if you want to change your theme of the blog then use “Template” option to change the theme even you can customize the theme by your given html code.

8. Google allows you to see the stats of your blogs. By “stats” option you will be able to know about the viewer of your blog, from which country or place most people viewing your blog all the information you can find here.

9. Then finally create new post by the “New post” button and share your vision among the people.