How to make partitions while installing Windows XP

How to make partitions while installing Windows XP

Windows XP is the most successful operating system from Microsoft and many people still use Windows XP. Windows XP provides advance features to create and delete hard disk partitions. With XP CD, you do not need to create partitions before installing Windows XP. There is a very simple procedure to install Windows and create or deleted partitions during installation.

The steps below explain how to for creating or delete hard disk partitions using the XP installation disk:

1. Start the desktop computer or laptop and put the Windows XP Operating System CD into the CD tray. When CD has successfully booted, press any key to continue.

2. Then XP will read the system configuration to install the files.

3. A screen will appear that has an End User License Agreement, press F8 to accept the agreement.

4. In the next step, Windows will ask you for the partition of the hard disk in which you want to install the operating system. If you do not have any partitions then Windows XP will give you the option to create the partition.

5. Follow the written instructions to create the partition. You will be asked for the size of the partition, while creating partitions, put the size of the partition and complete the process.

6. After creating the partition of the hard disk space, install the operating system in the C: partition.

By following the above procedure, you will be able to install the Windows XP Operating System as well as become aware about creating partitions. After the above steps, you will be prompted to enter the product key and user account details such as the user name and name of the computer.

There are many other software utilities available that helps to increase the size of the partition if it is required after the installation of the operating system. Mostly of the time the C: drive becomes full after installation of the different software. At that time when people need to increase the partition they can then use third party software. Windows XP does not have those options after installation.