Making Money off Blogs

Making Money off Blogs


What is a blog?

There are many ways to answer this question, from the technical meaning to the general. To explain it in the clearest way we can say that: A blog is the more personal version of a website. It is a web log and the important thing is for the readers (followers) to find some value in it.

There are three main sections of a blog:

 Blogs are generally updated more frequently than websites. Many of them update daily and if not, at least a few times a week and this ensures that their followers keep coming back for more.

Newsfeed: Followers of a blog don’t necessarily need to visit that page. A blog can supply news via  newsfeed, so in other words it is possible to have what you’ve blogged be sent to your followers via e-mail or in reader applications like Google Reader.

Communication: Blogs differ from websites in style.  There is an environment of unity and this means that what you write will always get to the prime target and you can get comments and feedback from the people who know best. Communication can be within a blog and even between separate blogs.

Is it possible to make money with a Blog?

Yes. There are two main categories of making money with a blog.

a) Direct Conversion 

Bloggers who use these methods make money directly off the blog. 


• Advertisements
• Sponsors
• Sales Affiliate Commissions 
• Paid comments and checks.

b) Indirect Conversion

With these methods, bloggers make money off their blogs. So, depending on the authority, accountability and professionalism of the blogger, the below factors are valid.
• Freelance professionals.
• Books and e-books.
• Speaking agreements.
• Consultancy opportunities, service agreements.
• Membership websites
• Classes, courses and workshops