Optimization monsters, must-have PC apps to help you with your daily tasks

Optimization monsters, must-have PC apps to help you with your daily tasks

Behind the household names of free software and tools we all need to have on our personal computers, lies a whole universe of less popular, but just as amazing PC apps. Indeed, many of the following choices are not only obscure, but often solve issues you might not have thought of as issues in the first place. However, all the little tweaks achieved via these free programs, when combined, can make your overall PC experience more enjoyable than you probably thought possible. Programs including:

WizMouse is a prime example of an app that fixes a problem you either weren’t fully aware of, or didn’t think was able to be fixed at all: it’s a program that allows you to scroll through inactive windows in your Windows operating system. When you have several windows open at the same time, and you hover your mouse over the one which is inactive, the most that you can do with it without activating that window entirely is, well, nothing. WizMouse allows you to scroll through that inactive window without activating it, which is useful for either when you are manually copying text between windows, or when you are simply working with several windows simultaneously.

Software like GIMP and Photoshop sure are handy, but they require quite a bit of learning curve to master, and even then, you’ll usually end up using 20% of its features anyway. That’s why you should consider IrfanView instead: it’s all about speed with this app, both for opening and manipulating files. You can easily learn how to convert chunks of image files from one format to another, and the program is still stacked with your regular editing tools, like rotating, resizing, filtering etc.

Another issue you probably weren’t even aware of is solved by an aptly-named PC Decrapifier. When you first buy a computer, you intuitively assume that it is lean with apps and equipped with only the necessary files and options. Nothing could be further from the truth sometimes, and the Decrapifier believes that the truth will set you and your PC free. The app gets rid off all the unimportant coding that weigh heavy on your machine, making it among the first apps some people use when playing with their new PC.

Finally, TeraCopy is a tool that replaces your default file copying system on Windows. Unlike its alternative, it is made with the user in mind, combining all of your active transfers into a single dialog window, speeding up the entire process, as well as adding an option to PAUSE your transfers, and that feature alone should make it the must-have app for any PC in the world, as well as a prime acquisition software for Microsoft in the future.