Popular mobile apps used in East Africa

Popular mobile apps used in East Africa

Since the introduction of smart phones, millions of mobile applications have been created to cater for consumers taste. Even so there are some of the mobile applications that have frequently been downloaded and used by many people all around East Africa.
The following are the top 10 actively used smartphones apps, based on the percentage of the numbers of smartphone users:

Number one on the list is Google Maps - used by almost 54% of the population in the region.

The other popular mobile application is Facebook. Many people in the region, ranging from individuals to corporations use this application. This application has made the world a village, since people can communicate even if they are in different time zones.

One other popular application that is widely used in East Africa is whatsapp - very popular among the youth. One can send and receive messages. Share videos audio files and even images. It is one of the cheapest means of communication and used by 11% of the online population.

Opera mini is one other application that is widely used in East Africa - it is mainly designed for mobile phones, smart phones and other digital assistants. It is indeed not only the best but also fastest web browser world wide. It comes with great features that are appealing to the consumers. There are over 150 million active users of the application.

One other popular mobile application that is widely used in East Africa is Instagram - over 130 million people in the world use Instagram. It is a simple way to photograph and share the world’s moments through phones.

We cannot go further without mentioning Twitter, which is actually among the most used and downloaded applications. It is the people’s all time favorite. Individuals, companies, governments and even the international media use twitter. It is one of the fastest mediums of communication.
All of these application can be downloaded through Google store for people who are using Android phones and other markets provided by different brands of phones.