Starting a Blog How to Start One in 3 Steps

Starting a Blog How to Start One in 3 Steps

What needs to be done to create a blog in 3 steps:

1- Buying a domain.

If you’re asking what a domain is, we can explain it in the simplest way by saying that it is just like how everyone needs a resident address and this is your virtual residence.
A  “domain name”  costs around $10- $15 a year. The .com, .net and .org that you see at the ends of domain names are call extensions and the most popular are these three.  Buying domains from companies such as “Godaddy” and “Host Gator” will be helpful for when you run into bureaucratic problems in the future.

2- Buying a web hosting service that is compatible to “Wordpress”.

After acquiring a domain address, we need to buy a hosting where we can publish our website. Generally speaking, companies who sell domains also sell hosting so it is possible to get the two procedures done within the same place.
Hosting services start at around $40 a year and the price varies according to capabilities and capacity. You need to determine that the hosting you are to acquire is %100 compatible with Wordpress.

3- Using a “Wordpress – Content Management System” for your blog.

The most popular Content Management System (CMS) used for managing blogs is Wordpress. It is very easy to use, is updated constantly and is completely free. You need to determine whether or not the company that you buy your domain and hosting from sets this system up for free and if they don’t, then you need to request this before acquiring domain and hosting. After the installation of Wordpress, all you need to do is simply write your first article and say a warm “hello” to the World Wide Web.