What are pixels in digital photography?

What are pixels in digital photography?

In the past, art work was created using inks, paints, pigments and dyes.

As technology advanced to the digital world, the main material of art creation became as pixel.

Whether you are taking if photographs or are working with Photoshop all pieces art in the modern world are composed of pixels.

What are pixels?

Pixel is actually the short form of picture element. Therefore pixels are the small elements or details that make up the whole picture or image. All photographs are made of many pixels that are joined together to form the image. It therefore means that the more the pixels in a photograph or an image the bigger and more detailed the piece of art will be.

The number of pixels used to create an image are referred to as its resolution. One of the factors of producing high quality images are that they must have a high pixel count. Therefore, when you go to buy a digital camera you should look for the one that has a high number of pixels so that it can give you quality photos.

In colored images, a pixel is made of three color components which are referred to as RGB (red, green and blue). There are others which have the four color dots referred to as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). In most cases images captured from a digital camera are saved as RGB because that is the way screens are programmed to project the light and read colors.

For example if you have a red and blue pixel near each other the image will display a purple hue. However there are high-end printers that are able to use the CMYK mode. Many people buying cameras these days are more interested with the amount of megapixels that a camera has.

A megapixel equals 1,000,000 pixels. In other words, a megapixel will not only denote the number of pixels in an image but also the number of image sensors elements in a digital display. When an image is captured, the camera intercalates color data of the neighboring sensor element, this process is known as demosaicing and it is through this process that an image is formed.