Wordpress Plug-ins and Security

Wordpress Plug-ins and Security

Wordpress is one of the widely used CMS’s of today when it comes to managing websites and blogs. There are many  plug-ins on this system that have been developed with the help of many users and there are new ones coming out every day.
Broadening the use of Wordpress with many plug-ins, have drawn out more benefits from it but has also brought forth the importance of security. Ensuring security for a website is a constantly overlooked matter.
It is important to generate content and meaningful to promote this but is also possible to lose all of this in a single night, if you ignore security measures. 
Security is a very broad subject but here are the most important fundamentals:

Back Up, Back Up And Back Up!

No website is made 100% secure, just like with houses. So the most important thing to do when it comes to security is backing up all data. If anyone wipes out your website or even brings it to an ineffective state, it is possible to have it up and running again in mere hours in a perfect state.

Change Administrative Users

The “Brute Force One” method is the most popular method of forced entry into a website. So a person who wants to harm a website will try to guess the Admin username and once finds it will break the password with thousands of different code combinations. So the first thing you need to do is to change the username from the default name.

Make Your Wordpress Application Invisible

Another way to enforce security is to make access points more vague and unknown. The reality behind this is that the less one knows about your site, the harder it is for them to break in. By default “Wordpress” will showcase to the world which version of it you have. This is an undesirable situation as every version has its own weaknesses. 

Constantly Update Your Security

Wordpress is open source code software, so the code is made public and everyone can access it. So people with bad intentions can use this information for evil purposes. They will try to find the weak points in the code and sometimes they will find them, but the Wordpress community can also find them and up security measures with quick reaction times. So if you are using the latest version of Wordpress, you will decrease your chances of having any security problems.